Bus Tours

 Santorini is not only the Caldera ! It’s also about an ancient vineyards set on a green landscape, countless chapels, built in remote locations, old mansions and wineries, where men still produce excellent wines and keep the tradition alive. It’s about black long beaches where the sand is getting really hot under the Mediterranean sun and fishermen sell their catch next to the swimmers.  Santorini is a destination full of amazing antiquities witnessing that this was the place where a extremely advanced civilazation lived…
…these and many more hot spots you can explore with the bus tours we recommend. Our experienced guides will make your journey fascinating and tell you a lot about the history and the traditions of Santorini.
The bus climbs the highest point of the island, where the you can adiore the panoramic view. This mountain is not just a rock… that’s the only one existed before the first explosions